Anarchonomy Economic Simulation and Game
Project Summary
Old test output test output 0.08 output

Currently this program is completely about trading commodities with AI traders. You can be an active participant or passively watch what the others do. It is completely text based at this point.

Version notes:

Alpha 0.08: Agent type Consumer added. Log fix, other fixes. New test output

Alpha 0.07: Available at the Project Summary Page. Production works fully with agent types Investor and Retailer. File logging is implemented. Many other changes.

Pre-Alpha 5: Production is finally working! YAY! A new test output is available.

Pre-Alpha 4: Added error-prone but existent support for labor based commodities and set a more reliable basis for inventory. Lots of work still to do. Producing should be fun but I get Tokenizer error so far.

Pre-Alpha 3: fixed an error that was flagging a trader's orders as illegal if they had negative wealth regardless of whether those orders were purchases or sales. Sales should be allowed for those with negative wealth. It also fixed an error which was corrupting the market log when illegal orders were cancelled and the report was put in log spot 499. This caused the index to increase to 500, when it should have rolled over to 0. All other log activity was correctly rolling over.

Pre-Alpha 2: allowed more interactivity in choosing what output to see when. It also introduced help information and allowed the user to see information as many times as desired and in a somewhat flexible way.

Pre-Alpha 1: was the first barely functional version, it dumped all output to the screen which meant there was information overload making it difficult to keep on track.